Sunday, 11 September 2011

Steve Jackson coming home

Striker Steve "Jacko" Jackson, who has been travelling abroad, is on his way back to the UK from his base in New Zealand. That's good news for Mellor FC but not for the defences of L&C opponents. As the picture shows he's head over heels about wearing a Mellor shirt again. Jacko, 22, picked up two cup winner's medals in two years as a member of the Whitehead Cup winning side of 2009 (he scored the winner) and the Wray Cup winning side of 2010, when he scored two. Let's hope he hasn't converted to rugby while in the land of the All Blacks.

Meanwhile Fourth Teamers Adam Sidebotham (left) and Ant Brown below have left the UK for Thailand. They are currently in Bangkok. When they return I'm not playing ping pong with them, for sure. Ant is away for 12 months and hopes to get work in Australia.

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